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Couples Therapy


We are currently accepting new clients! Couples sessions are billed at $150/session.

We also accept United/Optum healthcare (commercial only). Contact us today to verify your benefits prior to scheduling! 

Relationships should provide both partners with a sense of happiness and fulfillment, but can often end up in fighting and hurt feelings.  Couples therapy addresses the problems that affect all relationships, whether it be individuals married 30 years or couples just starting out.

There’s no reason to wait for problems to boil over before seeking out professional advice. The greatest sources of conflict often develop at the beginning of the relationship, but they don’t become apparent until it’s too late.  Conflicts can arise in parenting differences, communication problems, infidelity, finances or cultural differences.

Couples Therapy can help develop the necessary tools to build and maintain happy and healthy relationships.  For more information and to determine whether relationship counseling is right for you contact me.

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