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Meaghan is accepting new supervisees in Ohio.



With years of experience as a Social Worker, I bring a diverse background of skills and perspective to include: 

  • treating adolescents/adults and families

  • experience in the hospital setting working with children and families experiencing chronic illnesses and psychiatric emergency services

  • experience building a private practice and actively working with clients in that setting

  • experience in mobile crisis and with the homeless population

  • experience working with Veterans

  • developmental issues, attachment issues and a strengths-based clinical approach

The supervisor-supervisee relationship is a unique one, in which there is openness and trust on both sides.  The supervisory relationship is one that must possess respect, trust, and openness by both the supervisor and supervisee. Supervision is an ongoing and evolving process to enhance clinical and professional skills, knowledge, and attitudes. Emphasis is placed on mastering competency in clinical skills and increasing your identity as a Clinical Social Worker.

I offer Social Work Supervision that is designed to enhance your clinical and professional skills, knowledge, and attitudes in order to achieve competency in your Social Work identity and in providing quality clinical care.

Click HERE for the Rules and Regulations related to the Ohio Board of Social Work .

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